Tyler Thomposn

You Like Men?

17 and Under / Asian / Christian

One day at school I asked my friend if he was lesbian. We had this joke that lesbians like girls and so if you were straight you were lesbian.

We were in social studies at the time and one of my best friends was Trans and so we didn’t really care about someone being gay or not it was just a joke. He said yes and then he asked me. I figured it was a good time to come out and said no. He kind of looked surprise then said oh cool. Later in math I asked his brother and everything happened over.

He asked his brother if it was true and he shook his head he thought about it for a second and was like OK. Finally in keyboarding i had to come out to my best friend. I simply just straight out told him I was gay and he was silent for a second. Finally he asked, “You like men?” I blushed and said, “yeah.” He was surprised then finally went with it. We’re all still best friends to this day.