England + Essex + UK

When I Came Out

Gay / 23-29 + 50-59 / White / Catholic

Hi, I’m Rob and currently live in Essex. I was 17 when I found I was gay. I was isolated because I come from a Catholic family and could’t speak to them about sexuality.

This went on for a number of years and I finally came out when I was 24 years old to all my friends and a few work mates. I was surprised by their responses. They were all supporting and helped me move on with my life.

There are people out there who are judgmental, but you got to just be who are and enjoy life and my children have accepted me for whom I am. But I am still struggling with the emotional side of things. I am 55 now and had a few short relationships because I can’t cope with people’s judgement and comments, but if anyone can give me some advise it would most grateful.