London + UK

What’s Different About Me?

Bisexual + Female + Queer + Questioning + Transgender / White / Athiest

Hi, I’m bisexual & thus starts my story.

Me and my friends (well mainly my friends), we joked for a while about our sexualities. It was fun, but we all knew we were confused. There were foud of us and one of us was determined to stay straight.

Unlike many others, I didn’t always know I was bisexual. But I knew when I started to develop sexual arousement for girls in my classes. After a long while of questioning, I decided to come out for the first time to Lucy. I did this by admitting I wanted to f**k a girl in our French class. She said congrats and everything was fine for the 1st week. Then as I began to feel more comfortable I told a close friend of mine who doesn’t go to my school and she threw me a party 🙂

But because I was the last of the group (apart from her) to come out as queer, she began to think I was lying and copying Ria & Arnold. But I wasn’t and it hurt like crazy because my best friend didn’t believe my sexual orientation, but I told myself she had no right.
But then she started to spur some homophobic comments at me. One night I was coming out to my mum, and Lucy had the nerve to ask me to screenshot the text (text was the only way I could come out back then) I sent to mum just for proof that I was bi. I never gave it to her.

We eventually made up but I’ll never forget the way Lucy treated me and she made me feel bad about being bisexual. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

I eventually told my other friends one-by-one, many of them beginning manhunts to find me a girl XD and recently I’ve publicly come out as bi to my whole school on a Snapchat post to my story. I got many congrats but bi threesome jokes along with it ???. I’m proud to be Bisexual/Queer, (I identify specifically as Bisexual but call myself queer as a collective) because nobody now can say I’m hiding or I’m putting on straightness.