Texas + USA

The Missing Puzzle Piece

Pansexual / Mixed / Catholic

It all started when school ended. During the school year, I had a crush on, well a boy. I feel like I really did like him, but as I talked to him more I realized I just wanted to be friends. Later, while talking to one of my friends, for some reason I told him I may or may not be questioning my sexuality. He, of course told me he would accept me for who I was. The school year ended. Summer started. I began to think. There was this nice girl, that transferred to my school towards the end of the year. We became fast friends. But as I thought about her more, I slowly discovered that I had been developing a crush on her. A girl.

I grew more and more confused with each day that passed. Was I lesbian? Bisexual? But somehow… none of those sexualities truly defined me. I began taking online tests. Saving results after results. Then, I found it. The word that defined me.


Why? Because I discovered that I felt that you should love someone for the content of their character, not whether they were a boy, a girl, transgender, intersexual… the list goes on. So far, I’ve only told one person. My little brother. I’ll tell my sisters a day or two from now. But, my parents? My mom thinks that kind of thing is wrong, but she would still accept me for who I am. My dad? That’s a different story. I have no clue how he feels about that kind of thing, and honestly I’m terrified to ask.

For now, I’m in the closet.

But one day I hope I can find the courage to show the world my true colors.