Jax Stoller

Canada + Manitoba + Winnipeg

The Day of Me

Demisexual + Drag + Gay + Male + Queer + Questioning + Trans man + Transgender / 17 and Under / White / Athiest

My story goes like this:

I was in 1st grade, and I had just met my best friend. She touched my arm, and then I knew, I knew that I liked girls.

Many years passed and was now in 7th grade. I started to feel different than other kids. Photos of me when I was younger had always shown me in my Spider-Man shirt with sandals. I laughed with my family as we talked about the past. Fast forward to 8th grade when I told my mom that I wanted to be me.

She told me she was ok but was disappointed that she didn’t get to pick my name and so was my dad. He denied me the love and affection he had given to me previously. I was heartbroken but learned to live with the fact that my own father won’t love me the same.