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We are committed to operating Coming Out with minimal overhead costs. Thanks to the generous support of our donors and volunteers, we reach 10s of thousands of people a month in more than 150 countries and we’re still growing!

Your support helps us maintain top-notch technology, grow our audience, and curate LGBTQ stories. We also have a variety of needs for volunteers and Board members. Read more below.


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There is a laundry list of things to do and they’re all way more fun than chores! You could host a fundraiser, get involved at one of the events we host, or take on some of the work we’d love to do but just haven’t gotten around to yet. We especially need volunteers who have experience in digital media and technology. To learn more, just get in touch by emailing us at

Board of Directors

The Coming Out team relies on its Board of Directors for much of the work we do and their backgrounds are just as diverse as they are. Lawyer? Accountant? Web Developer? Social Media Manager? We need a wide variety of professional skills and would love to talk to you. You can send a resume or your LinkedIn profile to to learn more.

Social Media

One of the keys to success for Coming Out is audience growth. Share us on social media and tell everyone you know! If you are an #influencer with a large social audience we have lots of ways for you to interact with our brand. Email us at to plan something awesome.


Social impact marketing, especially in native formats, is an amazing way to reach the LGBTQ audience with organic, meaningful touch points. Our team includes several media and marketing experts from the world’s top companies. We’d love to talk to you about partnerships. You can reach us at

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