Awkward Coming Out

So, I was watching YouTube when I got called down because my “friend” had told them I was bisexual! They asked if this was true and I muttered yes. They were completely fine with it, in fact I forgot my mums best friend is gay! ??

Posted by Olivia
Coming Out

To The World

They told me that they would love me for who I am, they promised. And, my friends did keep that promise. I told them that I’m transgender and pansexual. They didn’t care, they still loved me.

Posted by Aidan

A Cinderella Story

My story is not one of all flowers and butterflies, at least not completely. It was late 2011, and I had moved home after college. I had been exploring my gender for the past few years crossdressing and trying to grow out my hair (and time after time being pressured by SOMEONE to have it… Read more »

Posted by Christa Down

Coming Out on Canvas

I was raised in a conservative, Catholic home with my younger sister who was as eager to pass off her Barbie dolls to me as I was to unload my dump trucks on her. Moving beyond Barbie, my true career aspiration was to grow up and be either Snow White or Dolly Parton. My parents… Read more »

Posted by Paul Richmond
Coming Out

When I Came Out

So, I had actually had a girlfriend for a couple months, but I was really scared of what people would think of me. But then, one day, I just said to myself, what is the worst that could happen. So I said to my Mum, “Uh, hey, mum. Um… Just thought you might like to… Read more »

Posted by Anonymous

The Story of a Girl…

My life, since I was a child, has been filled with secrets. I have always felt a silent shame in being who I was and looking the way I did. My mother has been such a present and loving force in my life, but she is a Jehovah’s Witness. Many people have so much criticism… Read more »

Posted by Sam

My Story, Your Story

I’ve lived in a small conservative town my whole life; not that conservatism is bad or anything, it just made it a hell of a lot harder to come out. LGBTQ+ wasn’t talked about when I was in primary school. Go figure. So when I realized I liked boys and not girls in 5th grade… Read more »

Posted by Tyler

Becoming my Natural Self

Hello, my name is Jordan. I am a 26 year old transwoman that has been many places physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I was born male Jordan and raised in a middle class family. My mom raised me in a household full of emotional turmoil and mental illnesses. I was in and out of psych hospitals… Read more »

Posted by Jordan B

Coming Out as a Butch Lesbian

I lived a pretty strict religious lifestyle for over 15 years. So, me coming out as a lesbian to my family and friends was pretty shocking and disappointing to those around me. I grew up going to a 7th Day Adventist Church every weekend with my family as well as attending a Christian School from… Read more »

Posted by Marisa Williams


In the closet, miserable. Out of the closet and free to be me, happier than ever before.

Posted by William