Coming Out

Coming Out

I was 12/13 years old when I knew that I was gay, and at that age, I thought it was just a phase. As time went on and as I got older, I found myself feeling more attracted to guys. I felt so alone and didn’t know what to do so I would search online… Read more »

Posted by Jake

Finding My Confidence

I’ve been coming out gay over the past 5 years because I have autism. The pressure was intense, but I got the weight off of my shoulders & told my family and friends. They supported me 100%. Now, I feel very proud and confident to show my true colors.

Posted by Clarence Pryor

I’m Ace and Okay With It

I have always not associated with girl and boy. I didn’t like being defined and assumed to how I would act. I never knew a word for it besides indifferent or non-girly, until I turned 16 in the summer. I figured out myself by using names that were neutral to see how people perceived me… Read more »

Posted by Salem Monahan

Growing Up Gay in Iraq

Amir is the Founder and Executive Director of IraQueer, the first and only human rights organization focused on the LGBT+ in the Iraq and Kurdistan regions. I never really had a coming out story! I always thought I was never really inside anything to come out! But that still did not mean that I could… Read more »

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Spend the Night Coming Out

I was raped by my cousin when I was 8 yrs old, he kept it up for over a year till my family moved in the beginning of 1974. I’d figured out what being gay was by now and I knew I liked guys. I had messed around with a few guys and kinda got… Read more »

Posted by Scott

How I Told My Mum I Am Bi

Mum was driving me to climbing class and we were supposedly talking about boys, and I mentioned I had a crush, and she was trying to guess who it was. She named every boy I know and then said she didn’t know. She then said, “Is it a girl?” In a whisper. I nodded. She… Read more »

Posted by Emily

First Person to Come Out on British Reality TV

Ollie Locke – Co-Founder, Chappy I am a UK television personality, writer, and co-founder of gay dating app, Chappy – along with Jack Rogers and Max Cheremkhin. We launched in March 2017, Chappy is working hard to provide gay men with a responsible, welcoming and high-quality platform for connecting and dating online. In 2013, I… Read more »

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Hope Your Mom Still Loves You Afterwards, Unlike Mine

So on October 11th, 2013, I had been acting stressed because of a future band performance, among other reasons. My mother sat me down to talk and I explained I was stressed about region. I was shaking badly and scared I wanted to cry but I just said, “I-I-… I think I like girls” and… Read more »

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Don’t Let Others Force You to Come Out When You’re Not Ready

This is my story as a 16-year-old, partly-closeted teenage gay male. You might be wondering what I mean by “partly-closeted, and I’ll tell you. I have come out to about 20 people in total, including my sister and parents. And I guess I just kind of planned on telling my close family members and my… Read more »

Posted by Anonymous McGee

Am I the Only…

So my friends were in this group chat and started talking about how it was Pride month and I said, “I’m going to tell you guys something that you can’t tell anyone.” They were all like, “Ok continue.” I just said, “Ok um… I’m… Bi.” And they were all like, “That’s great, glad you told… Read more »

Posted by Cheyenne