My Struggle

I was 11 years old (2014) when I found out I was different than everyone else. As a 5th grader with barely any knowledge on things, you are even more confused, which I was. There was this girl in my class and she was soo pretty and beautiful that I gave her two of my… Read more »

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10 Years of Hiding Ended on Groundhog Day 2015

I FOUND “THE ONE” In April of 2004 I walked into a small bank in Sedona, Arizona to begin my job as a Teller. Little did I know that the quiet, sassy, smart, gorgeous and driven gal at the far end of the teller line who was operating the drive-thru would change my life for… Read more »

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Love Knows No Orientation

Article originally appeared on The Good Men Project and can be found here: My Uncle Ernest Washington looked after me as a child. He was my babysitter, my personal comedian, and chef. He made me Banana Pancakes….a bit too regularly but they were made with love. He was kind, Fatherly and gentle with me…. Read more »

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I Learned a Lesson

When I was born in the fall of 1966, I was two months early. I new something was wrong but I was too you young to figure out what it was. When I was a little older, my aunt told me I was supposed to be a girl.. At first I thought she just a… Read more »

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Friends aka Family

Once upon a time jk… haha… Well it was 4 years ago (2014). I was out with my friends at the mall celebrating Miley’s Birthday. Back then I knew I was bisexual, so yeah back to the story… Well we were all sitting around the table talking to each other and all of a sudden… Read more »

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Coming Out In The American South

I grew up in a southern, conservative, Presbyterian environment for 18 years. My Church owned my K-12 school, and my family was active in both. My parents led Bible studies in our home and founded several churches. I was no stranger to the Bible, and certainly not to what it said about LGB people. To… Read more »

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Coming Out

Being Found Out

I am a 15-year-old girl. I identify myself as pansexual. I am attracted to all genders; male, female, trans, etc. I do not discriminate against anyone. Color, gender, social status isn’t something that I care about, I look for personality. I always have. In the 6th grade, I started to doubt my sexual orientation, but… Read more »

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Coming Out

Gay Christian Girl.

Ever since I was a little girl, I always knew deep down I would like a girl one day. I talked to a few girls before. But, I actually was talking to my best friend at the time when I went to church that following Sunday,and the preacher started talking about how liking the same… Read more »

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Coming Out

Coming out

I was just talking to a friend in Snapchat when I suddenly got really depressed and I started crying. They asked why so I told them, and I said I was bisexual. They said that they are proud of me because of how hard that probably was for me to do.

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My Coming Out Story

My whole life I battled rumors from people in high school who thought that it was funny to take this one little piece of information about me that they obtained from a lying, deceiving source and spread it around, throw it in my face every chance they had. I went from the funny outgoing kid,… Read more »

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