Gay and Lonely in a Small Town

I am a gay teen living in a town of eight thousand people, almost all of which are white, catholic, and conservative. The first time I began to realize that there was something different about me, that I could actually put my finger on, was when I was hanging out with my older sister and… Read more »

Posted by Tanner

Questioning and Denial

All my life, my mom and dad told me that they accept the gay community. In late February 2018, I told my parents I might be gay. They said that they loved me and that they don’t care. They said I should see a therapist because they thought it was a good idea before I… Read more »

Posted by Jack Madden

Meeting Young Lesbians May Actually Make You a Lesbian

I already shared my story here, but now that I read it again I’m not happy with that anymore. There is so much more to say and so much changed in the last few weeks. So take a snack and a drink and I’ll take you through my long time of coming out. When I… Read more »

Posted by Alex
Coming Out

Coming Out

I was 12/13 years old when I knew that I was gay, and at that age, I thought it was just a phase. As time went on and as I got older, I found myself feeling more attracted to guys. I felt so alone and didn’t know what to do so I would search online… Read more »

Posted by Jake

A Cinderella Story

My story is not one of all flowers and butterflies, at least not completely. It was late 2011, and I had moved home after college. I had been exploring my gender for the past few years crossdressing and trying to grow out my hair (and time after time being pressured by SOMEONE to have it… Read more »

Posted by Christa Down
Coming Out

The Beginning

(Sorry if it’s not perfectly written, English is not my first language.) I don’t really know where to begin, so I’m just gonna go with my gut. I am a 14-year-old gay woman. When I was about 12, I began to put things into perspective. I wasn’t taught much about it; but when I was… Read more »

Posted by Noé

Coming Out In The American South

I grew up in a southern, conservative, Presbyterian environment for 18 years. My Church owned my K-12 school, and my family was active in both. My parents led Bible studies in our home and founded several churches. I was no stranger to the Bible, and certainly not to what it said about LGB people. To… Read more »

Posted by Evan

The Blair Bitch

I’m a drag queen and makeup artist living in New York City where I’ve been for the past four years. I recently graduated from Marymount Manhattan College with an acting degree and now am delving into my drag and makeup career!

Posted by Blake Marshall (or The Blair Bitch)
Coming Out

The Day of Me

My story goes like this: I was in 1st grade, and I had just met my best friend. She touched my arm, and then I knew, I knew that I liked girls. Many years passed and was now in 7th grade. I started to feel different than other kids. Photos of me when I was younger… Read more »

Posted by Jax Stoller