Coming out as Transgender

January 2018 – 5 months before my 17th birthday. There was something different about me. I just thought at first “I need to lose weight” but I kept getting more and more depressed about my body. I came out in January 2018. A year goes by… I still feel the same 4 months before my… Read more »

Posted by Ayden

I’m Unique

My early childhood was very difficult, rolled with pitifully comments from the school friends. Never ever I felt comfortable back at my school. Narrow mindless was surrounded within my life. Latter I discovered a friend of mine with whom my thoughts was relatable . Life got a bit easier. I just had given my class… Read more »

Posted by Bhaskar

Baby Steps

Growing up, God was always involved in my life, both at home and at school. I attended and graduated from a private Baptist school that my mom graduated from and my brother also attended. We always went to church every week, and to this day, we still do. When I was 7 years old, I… Read more »

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