Who The F*** Am I?

A typical question I get on a daily basis usually goes something like; “How did you know you were gay?”. And I can always utilize old grade school crushes, or Roxanne from the Goofy Movie, as suitable examples. I can think of them right off the bat, without hesitation. However, just the other day my… Read more »

Posted by Samantha

My Authentic Self

Ever since I’ve been alive, as far back as I can remember, I’ve known that something was different about me. I couldn’t pinpoint what exactly it was, but it was not something I was familiar with, or had much knowledge about. The only LGBT person I knew of within my family was my second cousin… Read more »

Posted by Ash

The Missing Puzzle Piece

It all started when school ended. During the school year, I had a crush on, well a boy. I feel like I really did like him, but as I talked to him more I realized I just wanted to be friends. Later, while talking to one of my friends, for some reason I told him… Read more »

Posted by Kayleigh

Friends aka Family

Once upon a time jk… haha… Well it was 4 years ago (2014). I was out with my friends at the mall celebrating Miley’s Birthday. Back then I knew I was bisexual, so yeah back to the story… Well we were all sitting around the table talking to each other and all of a sudden… Read more »

Posted by Jei
Coming Out

I Always Knew

I never questioned my sexuality. For me, questioning my sexuality was confirming it. When I was younger, I would have dreams and fantasies about guys that I liked, and I wasn’t ashamed of it until I started being taught that homosexuality was a sin. I would click on Youtube videos and I liked to see… Read more »

Posted by Anonymous
Coming Out

I Know Me, But The World Doesn’t

Hey, I’m George. I’m currently at boarding school in the UK. My parents are both happily married, and as a family, we’ve moved around a bit. I’ve never stayed at a school for more than a few years, and I never have enough time to make life-long friends even until now. I made a deal… Read more »

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Coming Out


My first sexual experience was with a guy in the 7th grade. After that, I lived a heterosexual life dating and even two marriages that ended in divorce all with women. My sexual desires were always for both sexes. So, after a long struggle with myself, I decided to go back to my first sexual… Read more »

Posted by Dorsie

I Wanna Be Me

I wanted to come out many times before my coming out day, but I was scared. I grew up as an only child who went to Catholic school from Pre-K through high school and was raised in a Filipino/Belgian and very Roman Catholic family, and I was terrified with how they would react to me… Read more »

Posted by Nico
Coming Out

Only Daughter Coming Out to Island Parents

So, my Haitian mother and I were never close because she left for five years at the peak of my teenage years. My Crucian father did the same, but he and I had a discussion where we both were going to try to make our relationship better. I was the only daughter between my mother… Read more »

Posted by Jessica Lee

Learning to Love All Of Me

I woke up Monday morning in August and my first thought was “I should just die to kill my pain”. A year before I had been diagnosed with manic depression and the lingering darkness within me was mainly fueled by the secret I was hiding, I am transgender. Looking in the mirror caused me physical… Read more »

Posted by Asher Keating