Not What I Expected

Me coming out to my mom was not what I was expecting. I always thought she would be okay with it, since two of her best friends are gay men, one is even a drag queen, and she’s always been so accepting and kind to them. I was 16 years old, almost 17, when I… Read more »

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Journey to Safety

Luis Mancheno talks about growing up in Ecuador as a gay man, fleeing his home country after being attacked, and eventually finding safety after becoming a refugee in the United States.

Posted by Luis Mancheno

Coming Out in a Latin Culture

Today marked an important day in my life ¼ a century ago as I looked at the Calendar. “THE DINNER”: In our family it was always tradition to introduce your life partner at a family “dinner” at my Mom and Dad’s home. I can remember it as if was yesterday, I was so nervous and… Read more »

Posted by Tim Vasquez

Stepping Out of the Closet

This story is not quite long…. I think, and I’m glad you’re stopping whatever you doing in reading my story. It all started in 7th grade 1st day of school. In what was my old middle school class had an assigned table. I had no friends of mine in my class, and spotted a friend… Read more »

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Mixed up on the Inside

Like many, I knew from a young age that I was ‘different’. I wasn’t fully able to put a finger on what I was feeling: it was like my insides were mixed up and I was being crushed with tremendous weights. I got used to this feeling until one day in fourth grade my friend… Read more »

Posted by Mauricio Bentley
Coming Out

Coming Out with Technology in 2018

2017. Sixth grade. Labels. Hierarchies. Opinions. Phones. These were all key factors in my coming out journey. So, just to start things off, I’m pansexual… and I’m female. When I was in fourth grade I only hung out with boys. One of the boys liked me. I thought I liked him back… Everyone said I… Read more »

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Coming Out

Being Found Out

I am a 15-year-old girl. I identify myself as pansexual. I am attracted to all genders; male, female, trans, etc. I do not discriminate against anyone. Color, gender, social status isn’t something that I care about, I look for personality. I always have. In the 6th grade, I started to doubt my sexual orientation, but… Read more »

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When I came out to my mom, it was a few weeks before today (4/16/2018). I am in 7th grade now, but in 5th grade, I knew I was different than my friends, who kept saying that this guy is hot, etc. I was agreeing with everything they were saying, but I felt that that… Read more »

Posted by Melissa

This Is Me

People seem to always tell me that I’m “too mature” for my age. I just give them a smile, but in my head, I’m always like “if only you knew what I’ve been through”. Growing up my father really wasn’t in the picture, and my mom was working and trying to get my little brother… Read more »

Posted by Hector Trejo