Black Boy Free: My Coming Out Story

Pierrot Obi, 25, singer-songwriter, London. I was born in Northern Italy, in Central Reggio Emilia; we moved to the very outskirts of Reggio when I was 8, to an in-the-middle-of-nowhere type of town called Campagnola Emilia; to this day, Campagnola is the place I call “hometown”. I’m the first of three, born in a very… Read more »

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Looking Inward To Come Out

As an Afro-Caribbean transplant to the US/Brooklyn at 5 years old, not only did I sound different, I was different. It turns out I was totally feminine and unaware of it. But that changed the very first day of school when the teacher screamed at me, “Can’t you read?! That’s the boy’s bathroom! You go… Read more »

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Love Knows No Orientation

Article originally appeared on The Good Men Project and can be found here: My Uncle Ernest Washington looked after me as a child. He was my babysitter, my personal comedian, and chef. He made me Banana Pancakes….a bit too regularly but they were made with love. He was kind, Fatherly and gentle with me…. Read more »

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Finding My Confidence

I’ve been coming out gay over the past 5 years because I have autism. The pressure was intense, but I got the weight off of my shoulders & told my family and friends. They supported me 100%. Now, I feel very proud and confident to show my true colors.

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My Coming Out Story: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Click my YouTube link to hear about my difficult but inspiring coming out story as a ‘Christian’ masculine man. Thank you for the support! Be sure to subscribe to my channel and to follow me on Instagram & Twitter @kwesi_x

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The Bridges I Burned to Light My Future

From a very young age I knew I wasn’t like the other boys. When they saw girls, immediately they were filled with glee and excitement. So did I, which made me believe that I was doing something right, until I had the same reaction to boys. Growing up in a predominantly black christian home, I… Read more »

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Outed on a Gossip Website

“Freshman Class President or Freshman Class Queen” are the words that will probably be forever seared into my mind. These words were displayed across my computer screen as I visited an anonymous college gossip website (JuicyCampus) during my second semester as a Penn undergraduate. Those words were about me, the newly elected freshman class president…. Read more »

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Unapologetically Me

This is my coming out video that tells a portion of my story of the things that I’ve been through to victoriously be myself. The purpose of my story and message is to help other beings in the time of discrimination or at the time of a continuous push in today’s society.

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Holy Sugarcubes, I’m a Homosexual

I was 8 years old when I kissed my first girl. We had been best friends since nursery and I knew my feelings for her weren’t just friendly. It was shortly after I had experienced a tragic event in my life, I was raped by another student in the older year. My friend helped me… Read more »

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Coming Out as a Butch Lesbian

I lived a pretty strict religious lifestyle for over 15 years. So, me coming out as a lesbian to my family and friends was pretty shocking and disappointing to those around me. I grew up going to a 7th Day Adventist Church every weekend with my family as well as attending a Christian School from… Read more »

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