Struggle of Muslim Lesbian

My name is Nzee, I am basically from Pakistan living here in United States from past 4 years. I am born Muslim and proud to call myself Muslim. But I can’t deny the fact that I am lesbian, why it’s happened I don’t know. I sure have a person I want to marry. To me… Read more »

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Will Never Come Out

I dont think I’ll ever come out. I watch coming out stories that gives me hope, but those successful coming out stories are like gift given to them. Can’t make my parents feel ashamed of me in front of the society. No matter how much one denies that society doesn’t matter, but the truth is… Read more »

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Coming Out

To The World

They told me that they would love me for who I am, they promised. And, my friends did keep that promise. I told them that I’m transgender and pansexual. They didn’t care, they still loved me.

Posted by Aidan

My Husband Was Confused, Not Me

When I was growing up in the ’90s, the only two letters I really knew of LGBT were L and G. Moreover, my friends made a lot of homophobic comments on gaming forums and chat rooms. Being raised in a household where sex was not discussed, I didn’t have to worry if I didn’t talk… Read more »

Posted by Minnie Glee

The Story of a Girl…

My life, since I was a child, has been filled with secrets. I have always felt a silent shame in being who I was and looking the way I did. My mother has been such a present and loving force in my life, but she is a Jehovah’s Witness. Many people have so much criticism… Read more »

Posted by Sam

Self Acceptance and Self Love

My coming out journey was really about coming to terms internally with what being gay meant for my personal life goals and life vision. Once I learned to accept and love myself, I then felt comfortable sharing one of the most intimate parts of me with my friends and family. Six months after coming out,… Read more »

Posted by Brian Hwang

You Like Men?

One day at school I asked my friend if he was lesbian. We had this joke that lesbians like girls and so if you were straight you were lesbian. We were in social studies at the time and one of my best friends was Trans and so we didn’t really care about someone being gay… Read more »

Posted by Tyler Thomposn

New Year, New Me

I always knew I wasn’t like all the other little boys. Growing up in a traditional Filipino household meant church on Sundays, bringing home straight As, and “fitting in.” Somewhere in between my affinity for beauty pageants but my aversion to being sexually attracted to those beauty queens, I knew there was something about me… Read more »

Posted by Edwin Gino Raagas

Coming Out and the Confession That Changed My Life.

Singapore, a small island-nation located at the southern tip of Malaysia is a sovereign nation that sought independence in the year 1965. Though it might have been developed into a first-world country with high human development index and extensive welfare programmes, one it fails miserably at is the freedom of sexual orientation. Though this question… Read more »

Posted by Christopher

Laugh, Cry, Hurt, and Love

My coming out story is… a little less traditional than most. See, I’ve been sort of with my first boyfriend a good couple weeks before I came out. Very sneaky, very behind-closed-doors. It was your typical high school romance, all lovey dovey and stuff. Nice, for the most part. I went to a going-away BBQ… Read more »

Posted by Jordan Lopez