Coming out as Transgender

January 2018 – 5 months before my 17th birthday. There was something different about me. I just thought at first “I need to lose weight” but I kept getting more and more depressed about my body. I came out in January 2018. A year goes by… I still feel the same 4 months before my… Read more »

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Coming Out

To The World

They told me that they would love me for who I am, they promised. And, my friends did keep that promise. I told them that I’m transgender and pansexual. They didn’t care, they still loved me.

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Coming Out

The Day of Me

My story goes like this: I was in 1st grade, and I had just met my best friend. She touched my arm, and then I knew, I knew that I liked girls. Many years passed and was now in 7th grade. I started to feel different than other kids. Photos of me when I was younger… Read more »

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Learning to Love All Of Me

I woke up Monday morning in August and my first thought was “I should just die to kill my pain”. A year before I had been diagnosed with manic depression and the lingering darkness within me was mainly fueled by the secret I was hiding, I am transgender. Looking in the mirror caused me physical… Read more »

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Coming Out as Straight

My last coming out has been the hardest for sure; coming out as a straight man sucks. The whole world sees me as a lesbian and always has. This is probably why coming out as queer was super easy. I’ve always looked like a dyke, but never felt like a dyke. Maybe that’s why I… Read more »

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My Transition Journey so Far

At the age of 5 I felt like I was trapped in the wrong gender because I felt like my mind was completely male but the most uncomfortable thing is in the inside of my body because something wasn’t completely right at the time. It felt really uncomfortable and it effected my self-confidence around people,… Read more »

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An Untold Story – From Negligence to Revelation

“Failing to cope with the dysphoria I face, my only refuge is pretending to be a eunuch instead of a woman that I appear to the world; another painful attempt to stifle my voice from declaring my true identity to the world – to die once more, to lose myself once again.” Being a transgender… Read more »

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Still Coming Out

I have been different all my life — from the day I was born. Sadly my coming out story is not like everyone’s.  I always had been attracted to women but living in Jamaica makes it really hard. To be honest, it seems as if I still haven’t come out. The homophobia in the country… Read more »

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Coming Out as Transgender

For me coming out as transgender was easy. I didn’t really know what it was until I came across the term and I did plenty of research and realized that it described how I felt. My parents weren’t accepting, but most of my friends were. A lot of them weren’t really surprised. I’m glad that… Read more »

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