Battlefield of Love and Life

Since i can remember, Ive secretly been into girls. I mean, yeah, some boys were cool but I’ve liked girls. When i was 7 years old, my parents divorced, and my mom met a woman and started going out with her. This woman had 2 stepsons and the older one molested me when i was… Read more »

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Not What I Expected

Me coming out to my mom was not what I was expecting. I always thought she would be okay with it, since two of her best friends are gay men, one is even a drag queen, and she’s always been so accepting and kind to them. I was 16 years old, almost 17, when I… Read more »

Posted by Gery

I Learned a Lesson

When I was born in the fall of 1966, I was two months early. I new something was wrong but I was too you young to figure out what it was. When I was a little older, my aunt told me I was supposed to be a girl.. At first I thought she just a… Read more »

Posted by Bryan Mitchell
Coming Out

I Always Knew

I never questioned my sexuality. For me, questioning my sexuality was confirming it. When I was younger, I would have dreams and fantasies about guys that I liked, and I wasn’t ashamed of it until I started being taught that homosexuality was a sin. I would click on Youtube videos and I liked to see… Read more »

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Coming Out

The Day of Me

My story goes like this: I was in 1st grade, and I had just met my best friend. She touched my arm, and then I knew, I knew that I liked girls. Many years passed and was now in 7th grade. I started to feel different than other kids. Photos of me when I was younger… Read more »

Posted by Jax Stoller

Coming Out To Your Friend!

Rebecca and I were friends for many years. As time went on, we had gotten closer and closer and something seemed to be off. Why hadn’t we ever dated? Was there a romance in our future? Well, it turned out I had some soul searching to do on my own before I could fully accept… Read more »

Posted by Michael Osborne

My Husband Was Confused, Not Me

When I was growing up in the ’90s, the only two letters I really knew of LGBT were L and G. Moreover, my friends made a lot of homophobic comments on gaming forums and chat rooms. Being raised in a household where sex was not discussed, I didn’t have to worry if I didn’t talk… Read more »

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Coming Out

A Weight Off My Chest

I don’t really know how to begin my story. So let’s just jump right in… I started pondering over my sexuality while still in the seventh grade. An incident occurred between me and close friend, where she revealed to me that she was in love with someone in our very small friend group. We were… Read more »

Posted by Emily

This Is Me

People seem to always tell me that I’m “too mature” for my age. I just give them a smile, but in my head, I’m always like “if only you knew what I’ve been through”. Growing up my father really wasn’t in the picture, and my mom was working and trying to get my little brother… Read more »

Posted by Hector Trejo

Self Acceptance and Self Love

My coming out journey was really about coming to terms internally with what being gay meant for my personal life goals and life vision. Once I learned to accept and love myself, I then felt comfortable sharing one of the most intimate parts of me with my friends and family. Six months after coming out,… Read more »

Posted by Brian Hwang