Growing Up in an Anti-Gay Family

I knew at 8 years old that I was only interested in guys. But I keep it a secret. At 16 I was very worried that someone would find out so I made myself be with girls. I was so miserable & it never felt right, and there was nothing females had to offer sexually… Read more »

Posted by Phillip Gessel

Love Knows No Orientation

Article originally appeared on The Good Men Project and can be found here: My Uncle Ernest Washington looked after me as a child. He was my babysitter, my personal comedian, and chef. He made me Banana Pancakes….a bit too regularly but they were made with love. He was kind, Fatherly and gentle with me…. Read more »

Posted by Frank Madison

I Learned a Lesson

When I was born in the fall of 1966, I was two months early. I new something was wrong but I was too you young to figure out what it was. When I was a little older, my aunt told me I was supposed to be a girl.. At first I thought she just a… Read more »

Posted by Bryan Mitchell

Three Small Words

You see I came out a bit late in life. I was 53. But, I’d met a man. And I’d fallen head over heels in love with him. I couldn’t help it. So I had to tell everybody. But I wasn’t out. I mean, I wasn’t out to myself, let alone the rest of the… Read more »

Coming Out


My first sexual experience was with a guy in the 7th grade. After that, I lived a heterosexual life dating and even two marriages that ended in divorce all with women. My sexual desires were always for both sexes. So, after a long struggle with myself, I decided to go back to my first sexual… Read more »

Posted by Dorsie

Pantyhose, Tights, Skirts and Barefoot

I am a developmentally delayed person and have I a story to tell. Since I was 14 years old, I started to wear my Mom’s attire when she went to work in the 1970s. When I was sick with colds, she was away and I started to wear her pantyhose and tights. Looking for a… Read more »

Posted by Mike

A Long Time Coming (Out)

I realized at age 18, to my surprise and to my dismay, that I might be gay. Being homosexual was not the future I had seen for myself. The following year I revised that to bisexual, as it seemed more appropriate. It still does today, forty-plus years later. I first came out as bi to… Read more »

Posted by Brian Driscoll

When I Came Out

Hi, I’m Rob and currently live in Essex. I was 17 when I found I was gay. I was isolated because I come from a Catholic family and could’t speak to them about sexuality. This went on for a number of years and I finally came out when I was 24 years old to all… Read more »

Posted by Rob

From Idaho to Massachusetts

I have always known I am attracted to the same gender. I fooled around with boys in Idaho, but we did not call it anything. I went into the Navy in 1959, boot camp at San Diego, transfer at T.I. in San Franscisco, destroyer at Long Beach, transfer to U.S. Navy School of Music in… Read more »

Posted by Eric G Osterberg

Coming Out Later in Life

After a 30+ year emotional wound was healed last year, I discovered that I was actually gay. Looking back to my childhood, I should have known. I was always attracted and turned on by the nudie pictures in my uncles Penthouse & Playboy magazines and the crushes on girls were far more intense than the… Read more »

Posted by Hilary Hellums