Lying’s Not Worth It

Lying’s not worth it I knew it at 13. I am gay. I hid from it when I was old enough to be expected to act upon expected heterosexuality, but only started that very late in my teens. I fantasized incessantly about men but told myself it was natural to do so and that it… Read more »

Posted by Aaron

Looking Inward To Come Out

As an Afro-Caribbean transplant to the US/Brooklyn at 5 years old, not only did I sound different, I was different. It turns out I was totally feminine and unaware of it. But that changed the very first day of school when the teacher screamed at me, “Can’t you read?! That’s the boy’s bathroom! You go… Read more »

Posted by Connie Fleming

Love Knows No Orientation

Article originally appeared on The Good Men Project and can be found here: My Uncle Ernest Washington looked after me as a child. He was my babysitter, my personal comedian, and chef. He made me Banana Pancakes….a bit too regularly but they were made with love. He was kind, Fatherly and gentle with me…. Read more »

Posted by Frank Madison

Finally Telling Someone

I have been happily married for over 20 years. I have kept my sexuality a secret for 30+ years. Until yesterday. I felt the need to come out as bi to someone. I have known for a long time that I am. I had many girlfriends and a few boyfriends along the way. Never really… Read more »

Posted by Mike

My Coming Out Story

It was about ten years ago, if my memory serves me well, when I decided that it was time for me to come out to my parents. I met my partner six years prior to that. We met through mutual friends. We started our journey as friends and this friendship grew into a wonderful ever… Read more »

Posted by Mary Rose (Pinky) Mendoza

First Person to Come Out on British Reality TV

Ollie Locke – Co-Founder, Chappy I am a UK television personality, writer, and co-founder of gay dating app, Chappy – along with Jack Rogers and Max Cheremkhin. We launched in March 2017, Chappy is working hard to provide gay men with a responsible, welcoming and high-quality platform for connecting and dating online. In 2013, I… Read more »

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I Had Been Lying to Myself and Everyone Else

I grew up in a small place. My hometown was less than 10,000 people total, my high school graduating class was less than 100 total. And me? I was an odd kid. I was super slow to grow up, playing with my action figures until I was much too old, loving to dress up as… Read more »

Posted by Thomas Burkett

Coming Out

When I was in elementary school, I knew, but didn’t know. I knew who the cute girls were. And I knew why the guys had crushes on them. I knew why my friends “liked” those girls; I did too. It was fun to have crushes. It was fun to joke around and talk about it…. Read more »

Posted by Andrew

Suicidal 1966

Hi IQ. Baptist. Majored in psychology to learn why. Thought I could teach myself to be straight. In the 60s no one wanted to be homo, including me. The military forced the issue to the surface by giving me an “UNDERSIRABLE DISCHARGE.” My church didn’t want to talk to me. My discharge was huge but… Read more »

Posted by Motomike

It Really Does Get Better

I grew up in a very small town and graduated from high school in 1975. Needless to say, not the best environment to be gay. I always knew I liked boys, but my parents attended a very conservative protestant church. I went to a small college first where I met a woman that I thought… Read more »

Posted by David