Rainbow Dragon Soaring High

The cursor flashes, steady and constant, synchronized with the pounding of my heart. My hands and legs shake in anticipation of what I am about to say. As fear begins to creep in, I breathe in – I am brave, I am bold, I will make no more apologies for who I am. I am… Read more »

Posted by Hannah

Journey to Safety

Luis Mancheno talks about growing up in Ecuador as a gay man, fleeing his home country after being attacked, and eventually finding safety after becoming a refugee in the United States.

Posted by Luis Mancheno

10 Years of Hiding Ended on Groundhog Day 2015

I FOUND “THE ONE” In April of 2004 I walked into a small bank in Sedona, Arizona to begin my job as a Teller. Little did I know that the quiet, sassy, smart, gorgeous and driven gal at the far end of the teller line who was operating the drive-thru would change my life for… Read more »

Posted by Cristin

Love Knows No Orientation

Article originally appeared on The Good Men Project and can be found here: My Uncle Ernest Washington looked after me as a child. He was my babysitter, my personal comedian, and chef. He made me Banana Pancakes….a bit too regularly but they were made with love. He was kind, Fatherly and gentle with me…. Read more »

Posted by Frank Madison

Finding My Confidence

I’ve been coming out gay over the past 5 years because I have autism. The pressure was intense, but I got the weight off of my shoulders & told my family and friends. They supported me 100%. Now, I feel very proud and confident to show my true colors.

Posted by Clarence Pryor

Coming Out on Canvas

I was raised in a conservative, Catholic home with my younger sister who was as eager to pass off her Barbie dolls to me as I was to unload my dump trucks on her. Moving beyond Barbie, my true career aspiration was to grow up and be either Snow White or Dolly Parton. My parents… Read more »

Posted by Paul Richmond

Coming Out To Your Friend!

Rebecca and I were friends for many years. As time went on, we had gotten closer and closer and something seemed to be off. Why hadn’t we ever dated? Was there a romance in our future? Well, it turned out I had some soul searching to do on my own before I could fully accept… Read more »

Posted by Michael Osborne

Loud and Proud

I’ve always been an entertainer. As soon as I could walk, I was putting on shows in the living room for anyone who would watch. My family was always supportive but my classmates were far from it. I was relentlessly made fun of and bullied for being loud and funny, because in their eyes, I… Read more »

Posted by Daniel Lynn Evans

My Husband Was Confused, Not Me

When I was growing up in the ’90s, the only two letters I really knew of LGBT were L and G. Moreover, my friends made a lot of homophobic comments on gaming forums and chat rooms. Being raised in a household where sex was not discussed, I didn’t have to worry if I didn’t talk… Read more »

Posted by Minnie Glee

The Bridges I Burned to Light My Future

From a very young age I knew I wasn’t like the other boys. When they saw girls, immediately they were filled with glee and excitement. So did I, which made me believe that I was doing something right, until I had the same reaction to boys. Growing up in a predominantly black christian home, I… Read more »

Posted by Kristopher Palmer