Losing A Friend … Or Not?

I first really understood I were lesbian when I were in year 7 (2007/2008), just before summer. I had made a friend who I became close with very fast at the start of the year, and with summer approaching I know we would be spending a lot of time with together. So before I told… Read more »

Posted by Lisa

The Realization I Wasn’t Straight

I always knew I was different from everyone. Throughout grade school, I didn’t think about it because I thought it was my speech problem. My best friend told me not to worry and he’d defend me. I knew by sixth grade that I wasn’t straight. I struggled with my sexuality all through middle school. My… Read more »

Posted by Angel Antosz

Gay as C3PO

Liza Minnelli and I are twins. Take a listen 😉

Posted by Matteo Lane

Guys and Dolls

Coming out begins with accepting yourself first.

Posted by Taylor Orear

Coming Out Was Pretty Easy…

When I was in High School my best friend at the time asked me out. I rejected, knowing that I was gay. Later that night I called her up and confessed to her how I only like boys and that it’s always been that way. After telling her this we grew closer but it came… Read more »

Posted by Leland Glauz

A Letter and a Few Gays Later

It all started at a theater house party (of course it did). As a freshmen at Syracuse University I experienced, for the first time, independence and it was awesome. I went to sleep when I wanted, I ate when I wanted and I partied when I wanted. However, as a freshmen I had more time… Read more »

Posted by John Sumpter

Writing Their Story

“Write your own story” is what I’ve been told since I was young. That we can be whoever we want to be. As we get older we find that our choices are made for us. We have standards. Well, in writing my story, I wrote what people wanted to hear. I was an honor roll… Read more »

Posted by Jack Pedroza

Finding Trouble

It was during the Summer of 2013. If you count the number of years that have since passed at the time of this writing, it wasn’t too long ago. I was going to a Southern Baptist church in a rural community in North Texas. Bible Belt territory. I didn’t go to that church simply because… Read more »

Posted by Dallas Nichols

Coming Out to the Army

Coming out to my Army Unit after the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Posted by Andres Camilo Hernandez