My Story

Hi, I’m Dante. I’m 15 and I’m bisexual. Growing up I have always liked both guys and girls and growing up I was told there is only gay or straight but I was neither of those. I liked both. Four years ago I told one of my friends that I liked both and he said,… Read more »

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Today I was crying so much that I couldn’t really handle the pain, I would never think about killing myself but I was feelings so sad that my parents wouldn’t accept me for who I am. Me and my parents had this huge fight about them looking through my phone and I knew that this… Read more »

Posted by Mariah

Coming Out

On Wednesday 19th July, I came out to my parents at the local pub, I was so nervous and full of apprehension, as I had already met someone and didn’t want to disappoint my parents and it’s something that will change my life and their life forever. So, at 5.30pm I was drenched in sweat,… Read more »

Posted by Jesse

Half Out of the Closet

I had a best friend — I say had because she’s no longer my best friend. Her name was Natalie, I loved her even more as a friend. We were friends since we were babies basically. At age 9 we kissed. She kissed me because she wanted to practice if a boy ever came in… Read more »

Posted by Angelica Perez

Coming Out on Valentine’s day

I came out to my mom on Valentine’s Day as a bisexual woman. We were at the restaurant and she asked me if I had a boyfriend, so I told her no, and then she ask if I had a girlfriend.. She was joking about it. And I started to think quickly, and I said… Read more »

Posted by Mads

Hope Your Mom Still Loves You Afterwards, Unlike Mine

So on October 11th, 2013, I had been acting stressed because of a future band performance, among other reasons. My mother sat me down to talk and I explained I was stressed about region. I was shaking badly and scared I wanted to cry but I just said, “I-I-… I think I like girls” and… Read more »

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The Sound of Silence

Looking back, seeing the little parts of myself that distinguished me from other kids – they’re the best parts of myself that I love, and that it’s just so important to embrace.

Posted by Dani Thomas

New Phone, Who De Eff Dis?

Dan, also known as Milk from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6, talks about coming out when his boyfriend wanted to buy him a new phone and he had to tell his mom.

Posted by Milk

Coming Out as Questioning

When I came out to my parents it was akward and I was nervous, even though I knew that they would support me. So I wrote it down and put it on my mom’s nightstand. In the morning my mom woke me up and told me that she read the note and told my dad… Read more »

Posted by Lily

Coming Out to Myself

My sexual orientation revealed itself from a very young age. I was never really in the closet to begin with. People used my sexual orientation as an insult WAY before I even came out. I knew that I had these feelings but they didn’t become clear until I remembered that I liked kissing guys and… Read more »

Posted by Zachery Coltrane