Coming Out

Coming Out to My Two Best Friends

Coming out was one of the hardest things I’ve ever gone through in my entire life. I came out to my “main best friend” first, who we’ll name “Daniel”. Next was the person I trusted after him, which we’ll name “Jason”. For Daniel, I’ve known him since 2nd grade, and after about a year and… Read more »

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Coming Out

Only Daughter Coming Out to Island Parents

So, my Haitian mother and I were never close because she left for five years at the peak of my teenage years. My Crucian father did the same, but he and I had a discussion where we both were going to try to make our relationship better. I was the only daughter between my mother… Read more »

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Coming Out

Coming out

I was just talking to a friend in Snapchat when I suddenly got really depressed and I started crying. They asked why so I told them, and I said I was bisexual. They said that they are proud of me because of how hard that probably was for me to do.

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Coming Out

Coming To Terms With Coming Out

I always knew something was different about me. Growing up I never understood what girls meant when they talked about crushes on guys. I pretended to have a few, just so they wouldn’t think I was a freak. I even dated a few guys, trying to find that spark that all my friends seemed to… Read more »

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Becoming my Natural Self

Hello, my name is Jordan. I am a 26 year old transwoman that has been many places physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I was born male Jordan and raised in a middle class family. My mom raised me in a household full of emotional turmoil and mental illnesses. I was in and out of psych hospitals… Read more »

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My Coming Out Story

My whole life I battled rumors from people in high school who thought that it was funny to take this one little piece of information about me that they obtained from a lying, deceiving source and spread it around, throw it in my face every chance they had. I went from the funny outgoing kid,… Read more »

Posted by Jacob

Self Acceptance and Self Love

My coming out journey was really about coming to terms internally with what being gay meant for my personal life goals and life vision. Once I learned to accept and love myself, I then felt comfortable sharing one of the most intimate parts of me with my friends and family. Six months after coming out,… Read more »

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My Coming Out Story: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Click my YouTube link to hear about my difficult but inspiring coming out story as a ‘Christian’ masculine man. Thank you for the support! Be sure to subscribe to my channel and to follow me on Instagram & Twitter @kwesi_x

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Learning to Love All Of Me

I woke up Monday morning in August and my first thought was “I should just die to kill my pain”. A year before I had been diagnosed with manic depression and the lingering darkness within me was mainly fueled by the secret I was hiding, I am transgender. Looking in the mirror caused me physical… Read more »

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Coming Out to my Dad

I had come out to my mom a few days earlier as pansexual. I asked my mom if I could have a pride flag and she asked me if I could tell my step dad. Of course I was really nervous, but I thought it over and finally agreed. I hid in the closet and… Read more »

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