Lydiamarie (lydia)

Stepping Out of the Closet

Female + Pansexual + Questioning / 17 and Under / Hispanic or Latinx /

This story is not quite long…. I think, and I’m glad you’re stopping whatever you doing in reading my story.

It all started in 7th grade 1st day of school. In what was my old middle school class had an assigned table. I had no friends of mine in my class, and spotted a friend of a friend. I wanted to see why they were friends with mine so I decided to sit across from her and introduce myself. That is when I met my first ‘real’ best friend, and since then my life has changed.

Her name is Shelby, and she introduced me to bisexuality, gay, lesbian, you know… the basics. And I found it pretty cool, but that was enough to pull me out of the closet so I was technically an ally. Ally is when a strait or heterosexual person supports LGBT+ equality. It wasn’t until our thousandth game of Truth Or Dare. I had dared her to kiss any girl she liked in the span of 30 mins. I don’t know why or how this thought had come to my mind, but I WANTED her to kiss me I wanted a girl to kiss me to have an excuse to come out of the closet or see if i liked it. And she did. She did kiss me and I was frozen and she ran off and in the following period we just stared at each other when the other wasn’t looking and if our eyes met she would look away.The weird thing was not only was she my first girl kiss she was my first ever kiss. AND we both had boyfriends. She told her’s and he understood it was a dare. I on the other hand explained it and my boyfriend was OK with it and the awkwardness settled the day after. NOTHING happened. I had become bisexual like most of my friends were. (We broke up only because we were better off as best friends and to this day we still are :)) I kissed my boyfriend a month later and it didn’t feel as good, but I didn’t lose my hope in guys; he was just one guy, and we both cheated on our boyfriends by kissing another time and this time I did kiss back XD.

We started dating and it’s been on and off but there were no fights during our relatioships. I had soon found out about pan sexuality and me being accepting as I was said that I liked every gender there could possibly be. We are not together but still best friends and I’ve dated multiple people. I’m in 9th grade now and have come out to ALL friends and family. I have met a few transgender friends and have been questioning if I was transgender, some days I would act like a guy others a girl. And I heard about Non binary and I’m confused and still question.

This is a simple version of my story.

Thank you for reading.