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So Much Coming Out!!!

Gay + Male / 17 and Under + 18-22 + 23-29 /

I have come out so many times it’s not funny. Some have been joyous and some have been a hardship.

The first two people I came out to, other than myself, were Emily and David. It turned out, at the age of 14, all three of us had been gay and we naturally gravitated towards each other.

After that, I had my first boyfriend and then I came out to my step mother and father. I had trusted my step mother with the secret first, but she broke the promise and made me tell my father, citing that she didn’t like keeping secrets from her husband. After that, she made me come out to my mother whilst simultaneously making me move out to live with her. Best move I ever made! My mother has since become my biggest fag hag and has tried and failed at setting me up on dates.