California + USA

Sitting on the Fence

Female + Lesbian / 17 and Under /

I first started to question my sexuality when I was joking around with myself (loner!). I sat there and thought “Oh god, if I was gay!” And then I really thought about it. “Oh god, am I?”

For 3 months I kept it to myself and continued to date other boys, but I didn’t enjoy it. I felt all weird and awkward, so I brought up the sexuality question again and after another 3 months I finally found myself sitting in the lesbian box. My first thought when I settled down in my new shoes was, “Well, this is a real game changer!” I felt so happy that I had finally worked it all out. I found that the internet really helped me with this too. I’m proud of being gay and you should too!

There’s no reason to feel embarrassed, ashamed, or bad about yourself for being you!

Has someone got a problem with your lifestyle? It’s ok. A lot of people have a hard time tasting the rainbow! YOU’RE FABULOUS! Who could hate on being FABULOUS?

Ride it out!