Brian Hwang

Los Angeles + USA

Self Acceptance and Self Love

Gay + Male + Queer + Questioning / 18-22 + 23-29 / Asian / Christian

My coming out journey was really about coming to terms internally with what being gay meant for my personal life goals and life vision. Once I learned to accept and love myself, I then felt comfortable sharing one of the most intimate parts of me with my friends and family. Six months after coming out, I asked my friends and family if they noticed anything different about who I was and they all said “you’re the same person, just a lot happier, more fun, and less tense.”

Now looking back, coming out really broke down the barriers and deepened my relationship with those close to me. It allowed me to live my authentic life the way it was meant to be lived. Now after five years of being out, I wouldn’t trade being gay for the world!