California + Orange County + USA

School vs Church vs Disorders

Demisexual + Female / 17 and Under / Christian

At my church there are over 50 people in our high school group. I go to a Christian church and many, many, many adults there are homophobic, including my parents (I tried to come out to them once but my mom screamed and, yeah, they think it was a phase).

I was really nervous to come out at school after that, but most of my friends are in the LGBT+ community so I am out there now and happy, but not at my church, of course. I have been friends with 2 people there for a long time (I think we met in kindergarten/1st grade) and I soon found out that one is a lesbian and one is pansexual. This made me extremely happy, but I was still not ready.

I had brought a friend to church from school and she is bi/pan/I’m not really sure. Most of the church high school group assumed that we liked each other and shipped us even though I wasn’t out and no one knew her. It was pretty funny but I was confused and a friend (we will call her Gigi), Gigi came up to me and said, I quote, “You may not be ready to come out but everyone loves you. And you may not think so and I know that you have depression, anxiety, and a whole deal of things, but no matter how much you think that you don’t have many friends, or if you think no one likes you… You. Are. Amazing. And everyone here cares about you.” It was really touching for me because I am dealing with depression and anxiety as well as bipolar and OCD.

I am now out to a few people there and I am extremely happy and even met a really awesome girl who I like and who may like me as well (I hope).