Bisexual / 17 and Under / Asian / Catholic

My age range at the moment is 10-14, which means I’m pretty young. I knew I was bisexual at the age of 10, when I started having major crushes on girls.

I didn’t know what bisexual really was. I just thought I might have been gay. With parents that are┬ástrict about everything about me (my hair, clothes, behavior, personality, etc.) would never understand. They would just think it was some sort of phase, that I would grow out of it.

Online I started dating a bunch of girls that I trusted, and I did have romantic relationships. After a while, I did research online and realized I was bisexual, and with further research, I’m questioning whether I’m bigender.

When I was eleven, I came out to my four best friends.

The first called me disgusting (we aren’t friends anymore).

The second said “I’ve always wanted a sorta gay friend!”

The third smiled and accepted me.

The fourth…

She came out to me, too.