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A Letter and a Few Gays Later

It all started at a theater house party (of course it did). As a freshmen at Syracuse University I experienced, for the first time, independence and it was awesome. I went to sleep when I wanted, I ate when I wanted and I partied when I wanted. However, as a freshmen I had more time… Read more »

Posted by John Sumpter


When I was 10 I knew I was different, but I didn’t know what that meant. Some of the neighborhood boys would call me a faggot, but I didn’t even understand words like gay, straight, bisexual, transgender, or queer. I didn’t even know they existed. My Aunt Nora is an amazing woman and when she… Read more »

Posted by Ricardo Sebastian


My age range at the moment is 10-14, which means I'm pretty young. I knew I was bisexual at the age of 10, when I started having major crushes on girls. I didn't know what bisexual really was. I just thought I might have been gay. With parents that are strict about everything about me (my hair, clothes, behavior, personality, etc.) would never understand. They would just think it was some sort of phase, that I would grow out of it.… Read More

Posted by Ysabela

Good Southern Christian Girl

The following is how I came out to my friends and extended family on Facebook in 2013:”After watching the documentaries “After watching the documentaries Fish Out of Water, by Ky Dickens, and Wish Me Away, by Chely Wright, I now realize that it is time to introduce all of my family and friends to my… Read more »

Posted by Andrea

Sometimes it takes time…

Hello, I am Dennis. I was born in the Midwest that was then a place and a time where the terms gay, bisexual and even straight were not around yet. You were heterosexual or the terms I knew of then, a pansy or a fag. If you were non-heterosexual you kept it to yourself as… Read more »

Posted by Dennis Ward

Gay as C3PO

Liza Minnelli and I are twins. Take a listen 😉

Posted by Matteo Lane

Coming Out in Redneck Florida

Max talks about his experiences growing up and coming out. See video 😉

Posted by max emerson

Soul Lover

“When it comes to sexuality, like so many things, only the truth will set you free.” This quote stopped me in my tracks as I was reading an article last night. Including the old adage ‘the truth will set you free’ felt a bit cliché until I reminded myself that I am someone who has… Read more »

Posted by Kassie

Coming Out to the Army

Coming out to my Army Unit after the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Posted by Andres Camilo Hernandez
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