Daniel Lynn Evans

Knoxville + Tennessee + united states + USA

Loud and Proud

Gay / 17 and Under + 30-39 / White / Agnostic

I’ve always been an entertainer. As soon as I could walk, I was putting on shows in the living room for anyone who would watch. My family was always supportive but my classmates were far from it.

I was relentlessly made fun of and bullied for being loud and funny, because in their eyes, I was different and different was bad. I found my voice through show choir and dance class, where I didn’t have to worry about my schoolmates mocking me, but I hid my extracurriculars from them at all costs.

Finally, one day I was sick and tired of silencing myself for my intense fear of being ridiculed, and I realized that their words had no bearing on my happiness. Where once the word “faggot” shouted at me in the hall would send shivers down my spine, it now filled me with a sense of pride. I was a proud faggot and my boyfriend was waaaaay hotter than they were anyway, so I definitely wasn’t going to let anyone stomp on my happiness!