I’m Unique

Gay / 18-22 / Other / Hindu

My early childhood was very difficult, rolled with pitifully comments from the school friends. Never ever I felt comfortable back at my school. Narrow mindless was surrounded within my life. Latter I discovered a friend of mine with whom my thoughts was relatable .
Life got a bit easier.

I just had given my class 10th exam. One-day I went to my friends house when a stranger text me on facebook. I got along with the texting process. One day, two day it’s was pretty good and I found that I’m not alone who like same gender. So my subconscious mind thought it’s a love cause till that date I have never been open to anyone regarding my emotions.

But on the third day the guy says “if you allow me to do sex talk to me or else bye”. I was completely shattered, I couldn’t figure out what just happened. I underwent through depression. My mind was dead. I was completely blank. Life got heavy on me.

Before the 10th result would be announced me along with my 3 more friends got together playing “truth and dare”, when in one challenge we all just confessed to each other about our orientation. I found that I’m not alone. From then I started googling, youtubing to get more relevant information relating to the lgbtq+ community. Slowly but steadily I started to gain confidence.

On 6th September 2018 the Indian Penal court decriminalised homosexuality. From there I thought that now it my responsibility to create awareness among people that being gay lesbians trans etc is not a matter if issue. It’s all normal like straight. It’s time to have a changed and better society where everyone is respected.

Thus,”Don’t judge anyone but if you do judge them on the basis of their personality not sexuality”