United Kingdom

I Know Me, But The World Doesn’t

Gay / 17 and Under / Mixed / Agnostic

Hey, I’m George.

I’m currently at boarding school in the UK. My parents are both happily married, and as a family, we’ve moved around a bit. I’ve never stayed at a school for more than a few years, and I never have enough time to make life-long friends even until now. I made a deal with my parents for them to put me in a boarding school where I can finally not worry about having to leave friends so soon. Life is naturally hard as I’m an only child and have no one to turn to when I need guidance because my parents are halfway around the globe.

I’m still closeted to everyone but my mum, who’s been super supportive. I’m not brave enough to come out, because I’m not popular, socially awkward and I’m half Asian. Being half Asian in a British culture is already annoying with all the jokes, and they’re racist enough to only see the Asian side of me even though I’m also half English. I’m sort of writing this in order to deal with what I have to keep a secret from friends on a daily basis, which is hard because being in boarding school you basically see each other every hour. I try not to get drunk because I’m paranoid that I’ll accidentally out myself. I can’t reveal too much about myself because it might begin to get people suspicious, which as a result restricts me from ever really letting someone know me properly. My day to day struggles are the snide comments about faggots and gays that are used as insults which in turn are another reason why I’m still closeted. I can’t tell which of my friends would be cool with the exposed me, so for now I stay hidden in the safety of the closet.

Only Cranes would know me….