Too Nervous to Say

Pennsylvania + USA

I forgot to tell dad

Bisexual + Gay + Male / 17 and Under / White / Athiest

A long time ago, er well. Like a year or so. I told my mother, grandmother, and cousins “I’m bisexual” and all was jolly, my mom said “I figured” and my grandma said “that’s ok, we still love ya”. But I did have to explain what it was to be bisexual to my cousin. It was all fine for a while but, at the moment I didn’t realize I had missed a family member to tell. My father. I definately didn’t have the courage to admit something like that again. So to this day I’m still dropping hints just so he gets the point. So I haven’t REALLY come out quite yet but I’m getting there. I’ll do something stupid like “blah blah blah that guy with the cute voice blah blah *continuation of sentance as if nothing happened*” but I don’t think I’ll ever get him to really notice unless I step up my game. So I’ve taken pictures of some gay couples and such right in front of him. Nothing, no response, he barely noticed. So I starting saying I want to go to LGBT friendly places. No response. Dad, I’m trying. But the only thing left for me to try is to BRING A BOY TO MY HOUSE AND MAKE OUT WITH HIM INFRONT OF YOU. Just say that you get it or something. Or don’t, it’s actually kinda fun seeing how long it takes him to notice. I feel I’ll be fine when that day comes tho. I have confidence my dad will still accept me for who I am. But for now. I’ll have to find someone to make to hangout with Infront of my dad. 😛