I Did Not Come Out Yet But…

Bisexual / 17 and Under / White / Christian

Well I’m 11 and bi and get a lot of anxiety thinking about coming out see before I knew what being bi was like 2 years ago I thought I was gay and I had a huge crush on this girl named Jenny after a while I watched this YouTuber who came out as bi then I realized I am not gay no I am not straight I am bi and I would cry a lot because my parents were homophobic and I Would have suicide thoughts I would be depressed and not show it and on top of that I had really bad anxiety I would cry at night or in the shower on top of that I was going through a lot plus going through puberty and on top of that I felt that my parents didn’t love me my mom would ask what was wrong but I wouldn’t tell her and my older sister and younger would take up all the attention and on top of that they thought my sister was depressed I knew she was faking it for attention because I knew what it felt like I felt like killing my self I had no friends to talk to ether till one day I was watching youtube and I came across this girl named lets call her dani she was gay and had a coming out story and she just made me really happy and would say love your self she also went through depression she now has a SON lets name him don and I stopped feeling so depressed it would come every once and a while I still would have axienty about a lot of stuff but I felt better I never dm dani about my story but dani if your reading this you know who you are and tweet if you saw this lol anyways in still going through things but me constantly keeping up with dani and her son makes me feel better I don’t know if ill ever come out tho but I drop hints by only watching gay YouTubers but if anyone know who dani is share it with her if you want I will not be but I hope this story was good and always love youself btw I know some of you just cringed lol bye.