Phillip Gessel

USA + West Virginia

Growing Up in an Anti-Gay Family

Gay / 50-59 / White / Christian

I knew at 8 years old that I was only interested in guys. But I keep it a secret. At 16 I was very worried that someone would find out so I made myself be with girls. I was so miserable & it never felt right, and there was nothing females had to offer sexually that I wanted or like. But I keep trying to making myself be with females, even though I couldn’t do anything. Finally in my late twenties I got to experience sex with a man. It was the greatest experience I ever had. I’m 53 now and the last 25 years I’ve been sexually active with men. FINALLY this past year I came out openly gay to everyone. I let them know that I’ve been gay my whole life. My family & best friend wont have anything to do with me now. But I dont regret telling them. My name is Phillip Gessel and I’m gay!