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Good Southern Christian Girl

Female + Lesbian / 30-39 / White / Christian

The following is how I came out to my friends and extended family on Facebook in 2013:”After watching the documentaries

“After watching the documentaries Fish Out of Water, by Ky Dickens, and Wish Me Away, by Chely Wright, I now realize that it is time to introduce all of my family and friends to my soul mate, best friend, and the person with whom I have committed to spend the rest of my life with as we dance through the path that God has set before us. She is the most beautiful soul that I have ever met. We have made a wonderful life together for the past 3 years. Some of you have already had the opportunity to meet her, see her light shine, and see how happy we are together.For many of my fellow Southerners raised in the “Bible-Belt” with the generations of racism and

For many of my fellow Southerners raised in the “Bible-Belt” with the generations of racism and judgments against those who are not like us, which are many times silently ingrained in our culture, I understand that what I am sharing with you may take time for some of you to process. That’s OK! It took me awhile to process it all myself. Most of us were led to believe that this is not something that a ‘good southern Christian’ was supposed to do. For many of us, same-sex couples were not people that we actually knew and loved, but were only known to us in the abstract of TV. Now, you do know someone you are related to or someone you call a friend who is in a very happy loving same-sex committed relationship. I encourage you to view both of the complete documentaries that I mentioned in the beginning of this letter. I hope that they will challenge you to unconditional love and encourage any of you who may be dealing with how to tell your family and friends who you really are. We are all lovingly created by God to love one another as we love ourselves. I love you and most importantly God loves you!”

The response I received from friends and my extended family was surprisingly positive. My mom even walked me down the aisle when I married my wife in December 2014. The men in my immediate family are still slowly processing the fact that their new in-law is a black woman. Racism and homophobia is still alive in the South, but it is my prayer that our Love will win over their fear.