Jonathan Lovitz

Florida + South Florida + united states + USA

I Found My Voice From My Queer Mentors

Gay / 17 and Under / White / Jewish

Growing up near Fort Lauderdale meant seeing LGBT couples, families, teachers, and other young people almost every day — and never thinking twice about how special that was.

When I started working in the theatre as a teenager, I met other kids who felt special because of our differences. I was able to come out to my school, my friends, and my family at 16, because I was surrounded by role models, especially in the arts, who showed me that being out and being happy never have to be mutually exclusive.

After years of performing, I got involved in politics and advocacy, using the training I had as an actor to help me convince others to get involved with our communities. Supporting LGBTQ youth is an essential part of my professional and volunteer work because I know that not everyone will have the coming out support I did — but they sure deserve to!