Maryland + USA

Finally coming out

Bisexual + Female + Questioning / 17 and Under / White / Agnostic

My name is Ruth Smith, and this story takes place when I was twelve. So, I was (and still am °_^) bisexual, but I had only come out to my family and one friend indirectly.

There was this girl who I had a huge crush on, and I still do, we’ll call her “A”. I am just so in love, but it breaks my heart because she is heterosexual. Back to the story. So, I had been hoping to tell her, and I tried writing notes and drawing pictures and everything, but I couldn’t get myself to come out.

Eventually, I had a fight with a friend, and I ended up some how coming out to her. Now “A” and this other friends are great friends, so if I didn’t come out to “A”, then the other girl would. So as soon as I got a chance, I told her. Funny enough though… She had gotten most of the notes because I left them in the binder for a project we were partners in.

Now, she still doesn’t know about my crush, but hopefully, one day I can tell her and she will return the feelings. (Side note, this isn’t quite just false hope, we have had some experiences, though usually embarrassing.)