Indiana + Indianapolis + USA

Figuring Out My Sexuality

Female + Lesbian / 17 and Under / Christian

I remember in 5th grade a bully called me a lesbian. Of course I immediately denied it.

I eventually realized I wasn’t attracted to guys and came out to a very close friend. At first she questioned me, but, eventually, she accepted me for me. As I began to trust more people, I came out to them. I made a mistake of trusting a girl from my church, who ended up telling her parents. Her parents threatened me to come out in a week or they would tell my parents. It wasn’t their right to do that. It’s my right, I was only 13; I wasn’t ready for something like that.

My parents found out but not from me. I may not have support from my parents, but I do have love and comfort from my siblings. Life gets better. Don’t waste it.