Tim Vasquez

Ontario California

Coming Out in a Latin Culture

Male / 18-22 + 23-29 / Hispanic or Latinx / Catholic

Today marked an important day in my life ¼ a century ago as I looked at the Calendar.

“THE DINNER”: In our family it was always tradition to introduce your life partner at a family “dinner” at my Mom and Dad’s home. I can remember it as if was yesterday, I was so nervous and fidgety because on that day I was to introduce Greg to the family. You see, we never divulged who we were dating until the “Dinner”; and this “Dinner” was a significant because it was there you introduced your life partner. I didn’t tell Greg of this tradition, he was just under the assumption that he was coming along as just a friend. He was of course perplexed as to why we needed to stop by a local Tavern called the “Boars Head” to get a couple of Vodka shots before we arrived. Greg asked “are you ok Tim, because you’re acting very peculiar”. No, I just told him that I was just nervous about the family liking him and that they could be a bit critical. Greg then said “Critical of What?” and I said oh nothing let us just go. Little did Greg know that this “Dinner” was also my coming out party to the family and he was about to thrown into the Lion’s Den.

As we entered the house I could see the surprised look on my parent’s faces; my brother and sisters we cordial to Greg as well as my parents. My parents then abruptly excused themselves and off they went to their master bedroom; silence permeated the room and then it dawned on Greg this was no ordinary dinner. He then took me aside out onto their patio and said Tim fess up what’s this all about. I tiered up a bit and told him the story; he then put his arm around my shoulder hey don’t worry I’m here I’m sure your parents will understand. 15 minutes went by and my parents rejoined the Dinner and acted as if nothing happened. As we sat down to dinner, Greg being the kind hearted soul that he is took my Dad off to the side and said to him “Do I get any points for being an Irish Catholic” ……my Dad chuckled and put his arm around Greg and said you’re an ok guy. Ever since my Parents treat Greg as their own Son……………..that’s my coming out story ; and I have never been more happier ever since.