Tennessee + USA

Being Found Out

Female / 17 and Under / Hispanic or Latinx / Christian

I am a 15-year-old girl. I identify myself as pansexual. I am attracted to all genders; male, female, trans, etc. I do not discriminate against anyone. Color, gender, social status isn’t something that I care about, I look for personality. I always have.

In the 6th grade, I started to doubt my sexual orientation, but since my family is very religious, I decided not to say anything to anyone. I was confused, I thought. But once I got into the 8th grade I met this girl who was bi. She told me her story and things she felt and experienced. I related to her, so I figured I was bi. I found people attractive, regardless of gender. I fooled around with some girls to see what it felt like, and let me just say this, I liked it. My mother suspected something, but I denied it due to fear of losing my family.

A few days before starting the 10th grade, I met this girl at work. She was really cute and her personality was pretty amazing. She quit that day but a few weeks after I saw her at school and we got each others info and we hit it off great. We went out a few times and had a great time. At this time, nobody knew about my sexuality, so after realizing I actually had feelings for this girl I came out to my best friend. I was so scared to come out to her, so I just asked how she felt about the matter.

Her exact words were, “I know you’re not straight. And that doesn’t matter to me, I love you for you. Plus we’re in the same boat.” So we both came out to each other. It went great, so I told all my other friends and me and my girlfriend became public with our relationship. My brother attended the same school so he found out and was okay with it.

A few months after us getting together she told me she loved me. I was thrilled. We got physically intimate(good stuff). We were both happy. But it didn’t last, sadly. My parents found out about us and took me out of work and school. I had to break up with her and I was devastated.

They think I’m confused but I’m not. I was confused 4-5 years ago, but I know what I want and who I am. My coming out story wasn’t rainbows and butterflies, but I have hope when I’m older my parents will accept me for me. Because I am still the same girl they love and raised.