Jordan B

Atlanta + Georgia + Oregon + USA

Becoming my Natural Self

Trans woman / 18-22 + 23-29 / White / Spiritual/Non-denominational

Hello, my name is Jordan. I am a 26 year old transwoman that has been many places physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I was born male Jordan and raised in a middle class family. My mom raised me in a household full of emotional turmoil and mental illnesses. I was in and out of psych hospitals throughout school and into adulthood. At 19 I was put in a male group home where in that time I discovered my true natural self.

It was a very difficult process talking about something that had been hidden for about 10 years however the people I told were understanding. I was a manly young guy who tried to fit in the male niche and it was not working with me emotionally.

During my transition after leaving the group home I made 6 hour round trips via public transit to Atlanta paying a sliding scale fee for treatment. My best friend, turning 50 at the time, was with me every step of transition.

My mother has not been supportive but we occasionally talk at a minimum keeping things simple. My dad’s response was “I accept but not necessarily approve” which was more than enough for me. One of my brothers and I get along and his kids call me Aunt Jordan, my other brother I don’t really know.

I got a job at a garden center in metro Atlanta a mile from where I lived where I quickly evolved into the woman I was meant to be. My employer and co-workers became close like family and remain that way today. I went to the local community college for horticulture exceeding in every aspect. My transparency proved effective at college and everyone recognized me as female.

Shortly after starting college I met my husband on an online site. It was my first serious relationship with a man and it was wonderful. We dated for a couple of months and he moved in after tensions with his mother after his coming out to her. A few months later his mom agreed to meet me and it went extraordinarily well and I was invited to meet the family (who was and still is clueless).

I later got a job at a mental health facility as their head gardener where again I was recognized as female. They used my experiences with gender to aid select of their clientele in their journeys. My husband and I are still going strong after many hardships and a spur of the moment move to Oregon where I am seeking job placement and housing which should shortly follow.

Always seek to be you, there is no other way to be.