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Becoming my Natural Self

Hello, my name is Jordan. I am a 26 year old transwoman that has been many places physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I was born male Jordan and raised in a middle class family. My mom raised me in a household full of emotional turmoil and mental illnesses. I was in and out of psych hospitals… Read more »

Posted by Jordan B

My Coming Out Story

My whole life I battled rumors from people in high school who thought that it was funny to take this one little piece of information about me that they obtained from a lying, deceiving source and spread it around, throw it in my face every chance they had. I went from the funny outgoing kid,… Read more »

Posted by Jacob

Self Acceptance and Self Love

My coming out journey was really about coming to terms internally with what being gay meant for my personal life goals and life vision. Once I learned to accept and love myself, I then felt comfortable sharing one of the most intimate parts of me with my friends and family. Six months after coming out,… Read more »

Posted by Brian Hwang

Outed on a Gossip Website

“Freshman Class President or Freshman Class Queen” are the words that will probably be forever seared into my mind. These words were displayed across my computer screen as I visited an anonymous college gossip website (JuicyCampus) during my second semester as a Penn undergraduate. Those words were about me, the newly elected freshman class president…. Read more »

Posted by Keith Williams

Unapologetically Me

This is my coming out video that tells a portion of my story of the things that I’ve been through to victoriously be myself. The purpose of my story and message is to help other beings in the time of discrimination or at the time of a continuous push in today’s society.

Posted by Mickey Sabb

Coming Out Day

Alex Berg talks about coming out to her mom as bi for Coming Out Day. As an additional resource, you can read this article written by Alex’s mother:

Posted by Alex Berg

Trans NYC – Coming Out Day

My story starts with a lost child in a big city where dreams are made and letting you decide the life you want to live. This is my coming out story.

Posted by Bianka G

Would You Date Beyoncé

James Whiteside talks about his experience growing up and coming out, including the time his mom tried to set him up on a date with Beyoncé.

Posted by James Whiteside

Coming Out as Straight

My last coming out has been the hardest for sure; coming out as a straight man sucks. The whole world sees me as a lesbian and always has. This is probably why coming out as queer was super easy. I’ve always looked like a dyke, but never felt like a dyke. Maybe that’s why I pushed away from my queerness for so long; I didn’t start accepting my love for women until I was 19. It took me even longer… Read More

Posted by Cecilio
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