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Would You Date Beyoncé

James Whiteside talks about his experience growing up and coming out, including the time his mom tried to set him up on a date with Beyoncé.

Posted by James Whiteside

Trans NYC – Coming Out Day

My story starts with a lost child in a big city where dreams are made and letting you decide the life you want to live. This is my coming out story.

Posted by Bianka G

The Sound of Silence

Looking back, seeing the little parts of myself that distinguished me from other kids – they’re the best parts of myself that I love, and that it’s just so important to embrace.

Posted by Dani Thomas

New Year, New Me

I always knew I wasn’t like all the other little boys. Growing up in a traditional Filipino household meant church on Sundays, bringing home straight As, and “fitting in.” Somewhere in between my affinity for beauty pageants but my aversion to being sexually attracted to those beauty queens, I knew there was something about me… Read more »

Posted by Edwin Gino Raagas


In the closet, miserable. Out of the closet and free to be me, happier than ever before.

Posted by William

Fast Forward: I’m Gay

I was raised Filipino and very Catholic. In college, I figured out that I was queer and everything changed. This is the story of how I came out to my parents.   AC’s story is part of a collection of stories celebrating Filipino American History Month. To see more, just search for “Filipino American.”

Posted by AC Dumlao

Coming Out Day

Alex Berg talks about coming out to her mom has bi for Coming Out Day.

Posted by Alex Berg

Coming Out

I grew up Mormon in a small town in Alaska. I came out to my parents and family when I was 16. My father supported and showed his unconditional love for me and my mother became very depressed. My mother’s depression in reaction to my sexuality became unbearable so I moved away from home to… Read more »

Posted by Levi Foster

Journey to Safety

Luis Mancheno talks about growing up in Ecuador as a gay man, fleeing his home country after being attacked, and eventually finding safety after becoming a refugee in the United States.

Posted by Luis Mancheno
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