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“Coming Out” and Culture

I was born and brought up in India, a country where gender and sexuality outside the straight and cis-gendered spectrum is widely considered an “abnormality” or “insanity.” While I was growing up, I would often come across words like “chhakka” and “hijra,” which despite being translations for “eunuch,” would be widely used to describe anyone… Read more »

Posted by Kaustav

Coming Out on Canvas

I was raised in a conservative, Catholic home with my younger sister who was as eager to pass off her Barbie dolls to me as I was to unload my dump trucks on her. Moving beyond Barbie, my true career aspiration was to grow up and be either Snow White or Dolly Parton. My parents… Read more »

Posted by Paul Richmond

The Life of a Lonely Trans Girl

Growing up, I was a different kid. I never really fit in anywhere and was bullied for most of my life. I was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome at 4 (currently ruled out), which explained why I was so smart and yet horrible with people. I started medication at 4 years old and had taken meds… Read more »

Posted by Zoey B

Coming Out To Your Friend!

Rebecca and I were friends for many years. As time went on, we had gotten closer and closer and something seemed to be off. Why hadn’t we ever dated? Was there a romance in our future? Well, it turned out I had some soul searching to do on my own before I could fully accept… Read more »

Posted by Michael Osborne

Loud and Proud

I’ve always been an entertainer. As soon as I could walk, I was putting on shows in the living room for anyone who would watch. My family was always supportive but my classmates were far from it. I was relentlessly made fun of and bullied for being loud and funny, because in their eyes, I… Read more »

Posted by Daniel Lynn Evans

Looking Inward To Come Out

As an Afro-Caribbean transplant to the US/Brooklyn at 5 years old, not only did I sound different, I was different. It turns out I was totally feminine and unaware of it. But that changed the very first day of school when the teacher screamed at me, “Can’t you read?! That’s the boy’s bathroom! You go… Read more »

Posted by Connie Fleming

I Found My Voice From My Queer Mentors

Growing up near Fort Lauderdale meant seeing LGBT couples, families, teachers, and other young people almost every day — and never thinking twice about how special that was. When I started working in the theatre as a teenager, I met other kids who felt special because of our differences. I was able to come out… Read more »

Posted by Jonathan Lovitz
Coming Out

A Weight Off My Chest

I don’t really know how to begin my story. So let’s just jump right in… I started pondering over my sexuality while still in the seventh grade. An incident occurred between me and close friend, where she revealed to me that she was in love with someone in our very small friend group. We were… Read more »

Posted by Emily

I Wanna Be Me

I wanted to come out many times before my coming out day, but I was scared. I grew up as an only child who went to Catholic school from Pre-K through high school and was raised in a Filipino/Belgian and very Roman Catholic family, and I was terrified with how they would react to me… Read more »

Posted by Nico
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