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Blurred Lines

For me, coming out was the easiest thing I never had to do. From a very early age, I always had an affinity towards the same sex. I was too young for it to be called an attraction; I just knew intrinsically that when it came time to play ‘house,’ it felt natural not only… Read more »

Posted by Colin

Coming Out

When I was in elementary school, I knew, but didn’t know. I knew who the cute girls were. And I knew why the guys had crushes on them. I knew why my friends “liked” those girls; I did too. It was fun to have crushes. It was fun to joke around and talk about it…. Read more »

Posted by Andrew

Everyone Wants to be Loved and Accepted

My journey to love and accept myself was a long one. I was always different. I was an immigrant, an ESL student, poor, talked differently, short, round, didn’t have a traditional family structure and was not completely what society assumes as “masculine.” I hated it. I just wanted to fit in. Given my parents were… Read more »

Posted by Manas

I am a Lesbian

Growing up, I never wanted to believe that’s what I am. I always enjoyed exploring my feelings and attractions at a pace that makes me feel safe and comfortable. However, I’m learning that I don’t have to deal with my questions or problems alone. In middle school I realized I was attracted to women. I… Read more »

Posted by Kayla

Stay Strong

Ok, so where do I start? I was born and raised in a little, conservative town and surrounded by a very religious family, but my mom and dad turned agnostic before they had my little brother and me. Let me start when I was in fourth grade. I found out that in my giant, religious… Read more »

Posted by Lexa

Becoming Familiar with Yourself

I have always liked girls, always. I thought girls were hot, sexy, cute, etc. I wasn’t interested in boys. I thought they were immature, annoying, and well.. had a penis. Anyways, my friends were terrorizing me about who I liked. I said it was a boy that used to annoy the hell out of me,… Read more »

Posted by Jay

Friends Are The Family You Choose

I grew up in a very rural area in southern Michigan. To give you an idea, my school district was comprised of two villages, and we still only had around 200 people in a one building, K-12 school. I’ve known that I was “different” ever since I can remember, but I wasn’t able to pinpoint… Read more »

Posted by Heather

Learning To Love Myself

I was raised in small town Indiana, amid cornfields and conservatives. If you remember a story back in 2013 where a group of parents implemented a “heterosexuals only” prom; that was at my high school and that sets the backdrop perfectly. I was bullied, mercilessly. Being a small town, I had the same set of… Read more »

Posted by Logan Fulford

This World Could Use More Love

Everyone says that starting college is a chance to “reinvent” oneself. I saw it as the opportunity to express my TRUE self and live the life I had been hiding from – the life of a gay man who didn’t feel he had to lie; to be unafraid of judgment from those around him. This… Read more »

Posted by Cameron Horner