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From Idaho to Massachusetts

I have always known I am attracted to the same gender. I fooled around with boys in Idaho, but we did not call it anything. I went into the Navy in 1959, boot camp at San Diego, transfer at T.I. in San Franscisco, destroyer at Long Beach, transfer to U.S. Navy School of Music in… Read more »

Posted by Eric G Osterberg

Basic Confession

Sooo I’m Skylar (not really) and I’m 16 and am currently a junior in high school. Growing up I was extremely innocent and didn’t even know what sexual orientations were. I just thought that when you grew up you married a girl and had children and whatever. It wasn’t until the end of middle school… Read more »

Posted by Skylar

Reality is Your World

I was born as a first child in a near-broken, religious family. Since I was 4 years old, adults around me said that I had something that might be different than most of the children with same age as me. That thing is becoming lucid as I grow, and I knew it when I went… Read more »

Posted by Itzi

Stop Pretending

Since approximately middle school, I’ve more or less known that I like guys. Although I classify as biromantic, my self-esteem has reached a point where if really anyone told me they liked me, I would find myself reciprocating these feelings. Although I figured my parents and friends would be ok with it, I stayed in… Read more »

Posted by Ryan

I Am Finally Happy With Who I Am

I always thought that I might be gay. I’m not really sure if that stemmed from who I was attracted to, as in school I always had “crushes” on girls. I guess that it more so came from the name-calling, however, I wouldn’t call what I was going through bullying. Sure, it does sound like… Read more »

Posted by Chris

Coming Out

When I was in elementary school, I knew, but didn’t know. I knew who the cute girls were. And I knew why the guys had crushes on them. I knew why my friends “liked” those girls; I did too. It was fun to have crushes. It was fun to joke around and talk about it…. Read more »

Posted by Andrew

Dear Mother

Dear mother and father, There is something I have to tell you, something I’ve done a lot of thinking and research about before I reached this point where I am finally ready to tell you. I am gay. Now, I don’t have one of those stories where I just knew I was different since I… Read more »

Posted by Jalen S.

Out Late

The coming out process has been stressful for me because of my age. When most of these stories seem to be written by young people, many of them in their early teens, I’m in my 50s and have lived my entire life as a straight man. I was married for 17 years and have 1… Read more »

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Just Be Honest

When I was in high school every student was given a laptop. I was terrified to come out to my parents in person, and I knew that my parents monitored what I was doing online. I started searching for pictures of shirtless and hot guys, eventually they found out and asked about it. I was… Read more »

Posted by Brad