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Two weeks ago, I was at an LGBT Mormon conference and I finally heard a term that felt more like my experience than just “bisexual.”  Despite 11 years of dating only men, and being genuinely physically attracted to them, “bisexual” didn’t explain why it wasn’t working for me. “Bisexual, homo-romantic” was uttered and it clicked!… Read more »

Posted by Kathleen

Half Trapped in the Closet

I am 14 years old and in year 9 in secondary school. Since being in year 7 around 11 years old, I knew something wasn’t right. As already starting my period I understood attraction and what I felt. After I split up with my boyfriend, I never minded not going out with a boy again…. Read more »

Posted by Leonie

Your Happiness is What Matters

I somehow never understood how some people aren’t accepting of individuals within the LGBT community. Most of the time it’s religion or it’s just people’s opinions. I respect other people’s opinions and I don’t care what they think of me. But who gave people the right to tell others who and who not to love?… Read more »

Posted by Valencia

Scared and Alone

How can someone hate another person because of who they love? How does someone hate another person because of something they can’t control? On my first day of 3rd grade I remember very clearly what happened. I had just moved to a new school and did not know anyone or where anything was. The school… Read more »

Posted by Aubrey

Accepting Myself

Coming out to myself was probably the hardest part. The process of acknowledging the fact that I like girls was long, but there is one very specific moment I realised why I had felt different for so many years. I was home alone in the middle of the summer, watching Netflix and trying to escape… Read more »

Posted by Gaya

Greatest Achievement

My story began when I was growing up. We use to play housie housie (poppie huis). I had a best friend who always wanted me to be the father in our play. She would never want anyone to play that part besides me as I was the one that looked like a boy. At that… Read more »

Posted by Neo

Figuring Out My Sexuality

I remember in 5th grade a bully called me a lesbian. Of course I immediately denied it. I eventually realized I wasn’t attracted to guys and came out to a very close friend. At first she questioned me, but, eventually, she accepted me for me. As I began to trust more people, I came out to… Read more »

Posted by Meghan

Your True Self

I’ve always been curious about who I am. I’ve always supported the LGBT community, even when I was little. I was raised in a Catholic and religious home and I always went to church and bible study with my mother and sister on the weekends. I’ve always dated guys throughout my years. When I was… Read more »

Posted by Denny

The Right Moment

I fell in love with my best friend when I was 12 years old. I know now that I knew my whole life I was different. That I felt about girls the way I should have felt about boys, but when I was 12, I found real love for the first time, and it changed… Read more »

Posted by Angel