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Two weeks ago, I was at an LGBT Mormon conference and I finally heard a term that felt more like my experience than just “bisexual.”  Despite 11 years of dating only men, and being genuinely physically attracted to them, “bisexual” didn’t explain why it wasn’t working for me. “Bisexual, homo-romantic” was uttered and it clicked!… Read more »

Posted by Kathleen

Outed To A Christian Family

Towards the beginning of 10th grade I knew something was different. I knew I had a crush on a very good friend of mine who was bisexual. Since I was Christian and grew up to believe that being gay was bad, I had a panic attack and pushed the feelings away. The next year the… Read more »

Posted by Sarah

Pressure, Regret, Sadness, and Acceptance

My mom and I were in the mall and she noticed I hadn’t said a word since we left the house. She kept pushing saying that she is my mom and I should be able to tell her anything. I eventually cracked and told her I was thinking about a girl and how I was… Read more »

Posted by Avriel

Still Have Faith

At about 16 I realized I was different, but growing up in a strong Christian environment I did not feel able to come out. Actually, I believed I could change. Years, many struggles, many classes, and many conversations later. On October 12, 2015, I mustered up the courage to not again hide the real me,… Read more »

Posted by Fabian

An Untold Story – From Negligence to Revelation

“Failing to cope with the dysphoria I face, my only refuge is pretending to be a eunuch instead of a woman that I appear to the world; another painful attempt to stifle my voice from declaring my true identity to the world – to die once more, to lose myself once again.” Being a transgender… Read more »

Posted by Sumair Khan

Timing is Everything

I have been planning to put this as a status on my fb. I am completely sober. I should have spilled the beans while I am having the time of my life. I fell in love with one person, got scared of being judged, and now I am losing him. Yes, fell in love with… Read more »

Posted by Pierre

Scared and Alone

How can someone hate another person because of who they love? How does someone hate another person because of something they can’t control? On my first day of 3rd grade I remember very clearly what happened. I had just moved to a new school and did not know anyone or where anything was. The school… Read more »

Posted by Aubrey

It’s Just a Phase

Let’s start from the beginning. Ever since I was about 6 years old, I felt some sort of attraction to girls. I saw them differently. Since I was so young, I wasn’t sure what this feeling was and if it had a name. The attraction became stronger at age 10. I would lay my head… Read more »

Posted by Summer

The Struggle of Being Gay

By the time I was in the 6th grade I knew I was gay, but had never told anyone and never wanted to tell anyone because I was completely terrified of what people would think. I had lived my life all through middle school in the closet and had made some amazing friends including a… Read more »

Posted by Austin