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When I was 10 I knew I was different, but I didn’t know what that meant. Some of the neighborhood boys would call me a faggot, but I didn’t even understand words like gay, straight, bisexual, transgender, or queer. I didn’t even know they existed. My Aunt Nora is an amazing woman and when she… Read more »

Posted by Ricardo Sebastian

Coming Out: I Am a Man

Dear you, I’ve always been scared of the word “man”; today I take that word and own it! I guess I should start with the fact that I’m an anomaly and have never really fit into any one category or group. It’s something that I’ve learned to enjoy, as I’m able to comfortably fuse into… Read more »

Posted by Barrett Pall


Two weeks ago, I was at an LGBT Mormon conference and I finally heard a term that felt more like my experience than just “bisexual.”  Despite 11 years of dating only men, and being genuinely physically attracted to them, “bisexual” didn’t explain why it wasn’t working for me. “Bisexual, homo-romantic” was uttered and it clicked!… Read more »

Posted by Kathleen

Blurred Lines

For me, coming out was the easiest thing I never had to do. From a very early age, I always had an affinity towards the same sex. I was too young for it to be called an attraction; I just knew intrinsically that when it came time to play ‘house,’ it felt natural not only… Read more »

Posted by Colin

I Can Be Loved…

I grew up very religious. And, in typical fashion, I didn’t know what “being gay” meant until I went to an actual middle school (one that wasn’t my living room). And as I started gaining interest in art, music and theatre, that gave room for people to insult me and bully me. Despite me excelling… Read more »

Posted by Josh

Best Moment I’ll Ever Have

I went to visit my best friend of over 10 years on vacation. We had done a lot that day, from hiking to eating, to watching Netflix. I had been meaning to tell him for a while. We had just finished watching my favorite movie, and I had told him I was going to sleep…. Read more »

Posted by Andy

Small Steps

I recently came out to one of my close friends and she was so supportive.  She told me that she will back me up on anything I chose. I’m still struggling with my sexuality but it helps knowing that I already have on person supporting me.  The scariest thing is telling your parents.  I have… Read more »

Posted by Cassidy

Out of the Closet. Halfway.

I was so scared. I had come out to my friend that day — I told her I was dating a girl and that I was pan. She was kind and accepting, considering I’d known her for my whole life.  We literally met when we were, like, 6 months old. We had a plan to… Read more »

Posted by Tyler

Figuring Out My Sexuality

I remember in 5th grade a bully called me a lesbian. Of course I immediately denied it. I eventually realized I wasn’t attracted to guys and came out to a very close friend. At first she questioned me, but, eventually, she accepted me for me. As I began to trust more people, I came out to… Read more »

Posted by Meghan