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Two weeks ago, I was at an LGBT Mormon conference and I finally heard a term that felt more like my experience than just “bisexual.”  Despite 11 years of dating only men, and being genuinely physically attracted to them, “bisexual” didn’t explain why it wasn’t working for me. “Bisexual, homo-romantic” was uttered and it clicked!… Read more »

Posted by Kathleen

Reality is Your World

I was born as a first child in a near-broken, religious family. Since I was 4 years old, adults around me said that I had something that might be different than most of the children with same age as me. That thing is becoming lucid as I grow, and I knew it when I went… Read more »

Posted by Itzi

Outed To A Christian Family

Towards the beginning of 10th grade I knew something was different. I knew I had a crush on a very good friend of mine who was bisexual. Since I was Christian and grew up to believe that being gay was bad, I had a panic attack and pushed the feelings away. The next year the… Read more »

Posted by Sarah

Straight? Can’t Relate.

My story is long, but it’s not very complicated. Basically, I’ve always been attracted to boys. I remember being younger, around 3 or 4, and liking them. So, I never questioned that aspect of myself. But at around 9 years old, things got sort of complicated. My older brother loved the show Friends. I saw… Read more »

Posted by Kennedy

Half Trapped in the Closet

I am 14 years old and in year 9 in secondary school. Since being in year 7 around 11 years old, I knew something wasn’t right. As already starting my period I understood attraction and what I felt. After I split up with my boyfriend, I never minded not going out with a boy again…. Read more »

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So it started when my mum decided to search my iPad while I wasn’t home. In that time, she had learned that I was depressed and had been for years. She bugged me endlessly about why. It literally took days for her to get any response out of me. Eventually, I gave in and said,… Read more »

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Ok, so about two years ago I started realizing that I was not only thinking men were cute in a dating way, but also women. I thought it was just something everyone did but nope, no one else did it. I looked at everyone that I thought was cute as “dating material” and I realized,… Read more »

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You Will Get Mixed Responses, But You WILL Feel Free

My coming out story never really seems to end…I am quite a sociable person and have a big family. This means that over time I have had to come out on several occasions. Some have been better than expected and others that I expected to be easier are a little more tricky. From when I… Read more »

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Best Moment I’ll Ever Have

I went to visit my best friend of over 10 years on vacation. We had done a lot that day, from hiking to eating, to watching Netflix. I had been meaning to tell him for a while. We had just finished watching my favorite movie, and I had told him I was going to sleep…. Read more »

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